Simply put – a Day-Of Coordinator is essential for any bride and groom who wants to do most of the planning themselves, but when their wedding day arrives, they need a professional to execute all of their hard work and planning. We take all your wedding details, get them sorted and organized, and make them simple by taking all of that hard work you did during the planning process and produce of day of wedding “game plan”. Having a day of coordinator on your side is the perfect service because we put all those lovely wedding details together and shift the role (and stress!) of day-of execution from you to us! We handle everything from setting up and styling your wedding to organizing the wedding party and important family members, to making sure that each vendor knows exactly where they need to be and so much more. Our Coordinators will be there every step of the day making sure your day is nothing short of amazing!

The savvy ladies at Diamond and Pearls are here to help you execute your wedding plans and details that you have spent so much time and money pulling together, we will make sure all of your wedding day details are in the right place at the right time! Your mind will be at ease and you can be confident that all of your hard work will be executed and styled the way you always envisioned it with your Wedding Coordinator. We know that you are on it and fully capable of the planning, from there our goal is to have you feeling like you’re a guest at your own wedding! After all, you’ve planned the perfect wedding, shouldn’t you enjoy it?

What is the difference between an wedding coordinator and wedding planner?

The short answer to this question is that a Planner will help you on the front end such as finding and contracting your vendors, consulting you on your budget, and guiding you on a vision and theme. They can come in at the very beginning of your planning process (which is what we recommend!), but also are sometimes seen coming in during the process to help the Client regain control of her planning process. A Coordinator too can be contracted at any time during the planning process, but typically don't ramp up with tasks until about 2-8 weeks before the wedding date. They are to work on behalf of the Client within the parameters of the contracts already established between the Client and their hired vendors.

Can't i just assign the duties to a friend or family member?

This strategy is typical, but highly not recommended. When it comes to a Wedding Event, it’s easy to forget sometimes that this too is a chance for your loved ones to embrace such an exciting time of you and your fiancés life. The day of your event is the day when they get to JOIN you in celebration. Let them celebrate, and try to avoid putting them to work and missing all of the fun, whether they volunteer themselves or not.